For its opening exhibition, FieldWorks Gallery presented the first solo exhibition of artist-in-residence Bea Bonafini. The title references Virginia Woolf's text, claiming that private space is necessary for creative thinking and production. The show extends this by suggesting the domestic, physical and psychological spaces we create in our minds in order to cope with everyday life. Bea Bonafini fills the gallery space with comically and colourfully dressed quasi-domestic objects, offering a landscape of imagined interiors longing for future potential. The silliness of odd furniture and paraphernalia suggests moments of past usefulness, now preserved and venerated like a house museum.


Yellow Jungle. Dyed cotton, polyester and thread on wood, clay and pigment stand. 250 x 62 cm. 2017

Lady Pouf & Lady Sofa. Mixed textiles and salt dough pearls upholstered armchairs. 130 x 100 cm / 170 x 100 cm. 2017

Spring Bouquet. Jacuqard-knitted cashwool mounted on wooden coffee table, clay and pigment, ceramic coffee cups.
100 x 70 cm. 2017

Proposition for a Non-religious Chapel. Caran d’ache on tiled paper. 100 x 150 cm. 2017

How to Balance a Painting Ball. Dyed cotton and linen, painted wooden frame. 30 x 25 cm. 2016