Bea Bonafini works across painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, textiles and installations. Her interdisciplinary practice is often textile-based and socially engaged; inspired by confrontation in human relationships, ritual processes and notions of the sensual and the visceral. With her fabric works in particular she explores the flexibility of formal possibilities that comes by replacing paint with fabric. Testing the notion of comfort, her installations and performances operate on the boundary between functionality and the aesthetic.Bea continues to develop in her practice an inlay technique, using carpet, following a horizontal process of continuous and obsessive slicing and splicing. She repeats the fragmentation to complicate the image, so that it appears in syncopated forms, to slow down the viewer’s reading of the work.


2016    Royal College of Art - MA Painting

2014    Slade School of Fine Art, UCL - BA Fine Art

2010    Chelsea College of Art & Design, UAL - Foundation in Art & Design Diploma

2010 Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Art, Austria - Scholarship for Sculpture course
by Italian artist Liliana Moro.

2008    Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Art - Painting course by Chinese artist Li Songsong.



(September) Solo show, Chloe Salgado, Paris.

Talk to the Hand. Solo show, Bosse & Baum, London.

Bologna Art Fair. Solo booth, Renata Fabbri, Bologna.


Ogni Pensiero Vola. Solo show. Renata Fabbri Gallery, Milan.

Giotto’s Room. Two person show with Aisha Christison. Post_Institute Von Goetz, London. Curated by Lucy Von Goetz.

Garageland. Two person show with Anne Ryan. The Rectory Projects, London.

Shed Shreds. Solo show. Lychee One Gallery, London.


Dovetail’s Nest. Solo show. Zabludowicz Collection, Invites, London.

A World of One’s Own. Solo show. Fieldworkds Gallery, London.



(November) Premio Cairo, Palazzo Reale, Milan.

A Seed’s a Star, Loyal Gallery, Stockholm. Curated by Constance Tenvik.

The Italian Open, Galerie Rolando Anselmi, Berlin.

Generation Y, Platform Foundation X, London. Curated by Kate Bryan and Sara Terzi.

Tender Touches, AMP Gallery, London. Curated by Open Space Contemporary.

Subversive Stitch, TJ Boulting, London. Curated by Hannah Watson.

London Art Fair, Union Gallery, London.

FiBRA, Post_Institute Von Goetz, London.


Premio Lissone, Lissone, Italy.

Bone Memory, Lychee One, London.

FEŸ Rencontres, Art Festival. Burgundy, France.

Memories Arrested in Space, Italian Cultural Institute, London. Curated by ARTUNER

(Two-person) Giotto’s Room, with Aisha Christison. Post_Institute, London. Curated by Lucy Von Goetz

(Two-person) Garageland, with Anne Ryan. The Rectory Projects, London.

Searching for Myself Through Remote Skins. Renata Fabbri, Milan. Curated by Bianca Baroni

Et Refaire Le Monde. Galerie Bessieres, Chatou, Paris. Curated by Bianca Cerrina Feroni

If You Can Stand the Heat. Roaming Projects, London. Curated by Lindsey Mendick and Paloma Proudfoot

40-40-40. Soho House London. Curated by Fenella Brownlee

Ripe. Kingsgate Project Space, London. Curated by Eleanor Davies

Dik Piks. Ladybeck, Leeds UK. Curated by Suzy Babington

La Diablesse. Tramps Gallery, London. Curated by Jerusha West, Sarah Batey and Simone Kennedy-Doig.

Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour (On The Bedpost Over Night)? J Hammond Projects, London. Curated by Will Rees and Hamish Pearch

          Penelope. Curated by Alix Janta and Lauren Jones. 46 Gallery, London.


Summer Blue. Lychee One Gallery, London. Curated by Jonathan Miles.

            Royal College of Art Graduate Show. London.

            At Home Salon: Double Acts. Marcelle Joseph Projects, Ascot. Curated by Lana Bountakidou.

              Paper, Publication, Performance. Lychee One Gallery, London. Curated by Jonathan Miles.

The Behaviour of Being. Group exhibition from the Beekeeper’s Residency at Cob Gallery, curated by Mia Pfeifer.

          Two Hundred Acres. Group exhibition of RCA students. Pump House Gallery,

London. Curated by Anna Clifford.

          Rift Banquet. Performance at AYA Peckham, London. Curated by Leo Cohen.

            ScreenSaver. Group Video Exhibtion and co-curation. Dyson Gallery, RCA.

            RCA Secret. Group Exhibition. Dyson Gallery. Royal College of Art.

            15th Cypriot Contemporary Dance Festival. Commissioned the performance of In the Likeness Of… Rialto Theatre, Limassol, Cyprus.

            Exposiçao Lar. Group Exhibition curated by Paola De Ramos. Curitiba, Brazil.

            Resolutions!2015. The Place Theatre, London. Performance of In the Likeness Of…


Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. E122 Banquet Performance. Cock ‘N’ Bull Gallery, London.

Arts Atrium, Twitter HQ.  Group Exhibition organised by the London Sculpture Workshop.

The Scars are Not Just Skin Deep, Group Exhibition curated by Mia Pfeifer. Cob Gallery, London.

Slade School of Fine Art Degree Show. London.


On/Off. Performance Event. Vibe Gallery, London

Slade Print Fair. Group exhibition and performance. Slade Research Centre, London.

Anthropophagi. Two-person exhibition with Paola De Ramos. 26 Greek Street, London.

Tate Modern. Invitation by the Board Director of the UAL Development Council.

St Martins School of Art & Design Degree Show. Collaboration with Cecilia Granara.

Elegy. Guest Project Space. Group exhibition and performance. Curated by Leo Cohen.

Camden Arts Center London. Performance Event organised by the Slade School of Fine Art.

Bodies of Silence. Platform, London. Performance. Curated by Giulia Casalini and Diana Georgiou.

The Strange Impression of Seeing Things. Group exhibition and performance. Mile End Art Pavilion, London.

2012     Camden Arts Centre, London. Performance Art Event organised by the Slade.

            Platform 1. Performance Art Event organised by the Slade. Bloomsbury Theatre, London.


2019    Premio Cairo, official selection. Milan, Italy.

2019       La Berlugane-Maleki Residency and Commission. Beaulieu-sur-Mer, France.

2019    (Official invitation-only selection) Premio Lissone / Lissone Prize

2018     Platform Southwark Studio Residency. London

2018     FIBRA Artist Residency, Colombia.
Curated and co-produced with Mia Pfeifer. Participating artists include: Bea Bonafini / Dan Coopey / Maisie Cousins / Alix Janta / Adeline de Monseignat / Laurence Owen / Charlotte Colbert.

2017     Fieldworks Studio Residency. London.

2016     Villa Lena Residency. Tuscany, Italy.

Commendation, West Dean Tapestry Commission

2014-16     Leverhulme Scholarship

2015    The Beekeepers Art Residency. Portugal. In collaboration with curator Mia Pfeifer and Cob Gallery London.

2015    Stapely Trust Grant

2015    O2 Think Big Grant

2014    Slade Prize

2010    Salzburg Academy of Fine Art Scholarship


2019     The Whitworth Art Gallery, Tuesday Lecture Series. Manchester, UK.

2019     Manchester University, BA Fine Art, Tutorials. Manchester, UK.

2019    Canterbury University, BA Fine Art, Lecture and Tutorials. Canterbury, UK.

2018     Artist workshops at October Gallery. London, UK.

2017    In conversation with curators Stella Bottai and Mia Pfeifer. Zabludowicz Collection, London, UK.

2015    ReachOut Art workshops, Royal College of Art. London, UK.

2015    The Garden Tapestry. Public workshops at the Pump House Gallery. London, UK.

2014     The Slade Summer School. Widening Participation Course, UCL. London, UK.


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Commission for 21 illustrations for “Nils Holgersson’s Wonderful Journey Through Sweden Vol I & II”