For Dovetail's Nest the Zabludowicz Invites gallery space is transformed into a quasi-domestic and non-religious chapel. Covering the whole floor is a large ‘intarsio’ inlayed carpet, pieced together from hand-cut sections. The design references a 15th Century narrative marble floor piece in the Siena Duomo. Depicting horses and soldiers in a theatricalised biblical battle, today the floor has been rubbed smooth by thousands of feet, erasing all detail and abstracting the figures in the scene. A large drawing on paper tiles occupies an end wall in the manner of an altarpiece. It suggests an interior space of contemplation housing a collection of stacked forms based on the artist’s own sculptures. Rising from the carpet are two tall, thin timber chair frames, hand-carved into ribbon-like lines. Reminiscent of both household objects and fairytale thrones for absurdist figures of authority, their shape and proportions resist use.

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Proposition for a Non-religious Chapel II. Caran d’ache on paper, 200 x 150 cm. 2017




The Battle of Dovetail. Wool, polyamide and propylene carpets, 900 x 350 cm, 2017

Photos by Tim Bowditch