Café Royale was transformed into a space for the consumption of art and food, where every object in the space was dressed in knitted textiles, or repliced by functional or purely aesthetic art objects. For the opening, eggs were boiled in a natural Georgian dye, a traditional practice at easter time, and were laid out as preview snacks on tables. A 3 hour soundtrack of Georgian supras played on loop from a coffee table, emanating sounds of people speaking and singing in a foreign toungue, punctuted by the sounds of clinking
cutlery and eating. 



Herzlyia & Dover. Knitted textiles and Italian Cactus fig-dyed Portuguese cotton upholstered armchairs.
70 x 71 x 71 cm each. 2016



Poked Peach & Georgian Mouths. Plaster, food dye, wood, salt dough and steel coffee table, with six canvas pillows.
125 x 125 x 40 cm. 2016
Sound recordings of Georgian supras (traditional feasts) in Georgia and London. Duration 4 hours. 2016

Supra. Acrylic on leather, salt dough, food dye, wood and plaster. 400 x 109 x 43 cm. 2016

Sarkophagus. Salt dough, food dye and wood. 143 x 109 x 43 cm. 2016

After Cake. Knitted jacquard, wood, clay and steel coffee table, 100 x 90 x 60 cm. 2016

Library of Spoons. Ceramic and wooden spoons, leather pillows, prints on paper, plaster, embroidered and knitted textiles, wooden bookshelf, food dye. 244 x 200 x 50 cm. 2016