Searching for myself through remote skins / Group Show / Renata Fabbri Gallery / Milan 2018

Slick Submissions. Pastel on wool and nylon carpet inlay, 426 x 366 cm, 2018
Slick Submissions is a site-specific commission for Renata Fabbri Gallery, Milan.

In an inversion of wall-to-floor and ancient to contemporary, Slick Submissions is a domesticated assemblage of two threads that aesthetically oscillate from competitive fight to sexual encounter. Spurred on from the ancient Etruscans’ obsession with spectacular violence and athletics, sex games and romance, a chaotic and slow-to-appear horizontal scene combines Etruscan figuration with contemporary Mixed Martial Arts fighting competitions. Slick submission in MMA terms is a sneaky, fluid moves in a swift effort to bring the fight to the ground. MMA fighters are commonly referred to as contemporary gladiators, and the complex conformations of this technical conflict often verge on the homoerotic.